Would you rather drink from a stream or a pond?

Why pay for water that has been sitting around in a plastic jug? With a City Water in-line commercial grade water filtration system, not only do you have the freshest water available, but you also avoid the hassle of lifting and storing bottles.

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Contact us to arrange your 30 DAY FREE Trial. There's nothing to lose! At the very least you have saved yourself a month of drinking from the pond.


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Installation is performed at NO CHARGE. Signing on with CityWater will ensure you a smooth transition to your new point-of-use water system…

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That’s right! Why not pay the lowest price and get the best and most reliable service in the business!

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Our point of use water coolers are not only durable but also dispense great tasting water. We carry several types of systems that improve the overall quality and flavour of your existing tap water.

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